Cheese, cheese, wherefore art thou cheese?

September 29, 2010 at 11:00 pm (Diary of a Dairy Addict) (, )

I’m having a difficult time finding decent (non)cheese. The word on the internet is all about Cheezly for that melty non-dairy goodness, but locating this UK product in Australia is proving to be a challenge.

You can buy Cheezly online from the Melbourne-based Vegan Perfection, or the Sydney-based Cruelty Free Shop, but the idea of having a cheese sit on my doorstep all day, especially in the impending warm weather, is not very appealing whether it’s shipped with a cold-pack or not.

After reading through a lot of vegan forum posts from 2007 about stores that no longer exist, I tried Belgrave Organics. While they don’t currently stock Cheezly they were very helpful and have offered to try and order some in. I’ll be calling them back in 10 days to see if that’s been successful.

Researching dairy free diets has also been more complicated than I would have liked. Coming into it as an omni and not (at this point in my life) transitioning to a vegan diet, I feel disconnected from both. While I might have most in common with the lactose-intolerant, their motivations are entirely different and they have a few lactose-free dairy-laden goodies at their disposal. Although I have more ingredient options than vegans, I have been impressed by their strong communities and wealth of recipes.

The honour roll of sites that have guided, inspired, and impressed me over the last few days are:

Lisa Dempster‘s invaluable series of posts on How to be vegan.

Miss T: Princess Vegan – especially this post, which tests out the vegan Apple, Onion & Cheddar Pizza (from a site that is a delight in its own right – how can you not love a blog with the tagline Recipes that will make you scream with unbridled pleasure?)

– Post Punk Kitchen: vegan cookies. (It’s impossible to feel gloomy about a diet without dairy looking at those pictures and recipes.)

Dairy Free Cooking. If I can get my hands on some Tofutti this weekend, I hope to be able to make the Oreo Cream Pie for morning tea at work.

I’ll also have to visit Vege2go for some take-away nom! Check out that vegan dessert list (with apologies to non-Melbournians)! Tiramisù! Chocolate Mousse! Chocolate raspberry cake! Crumble!

Not long ’til October now. Tonight I had what may be my last at-home dairy dinner, glorified in many shades of yellow…

L-R: scrambled eggs made with milk and butter, topped with parsley and cheddar cheese; King Island Dairy double brie; Tasmanian Heritage blue brie.



  1. lisa said,

    Cheezly and Sheese is pretty much it for decent soy cheeses in Oz. Radical Grocery on Sydney Rd stocks both at reasonable prices. Tofutti slices are crap and Kingland – don’t go there. Tofutti’s cream cheese is good but very bad for you. My biggest tip for introducing soy cheeses is to go without cheese for a while before switching to soy cheese. Other things to do are make creamy, cheesy sauces and dishes without using cheese – getting your hands on nutritional yeast is ideal for this (again, Rad Groc stocks it). Anyway, I find that I don’t miss cheese, and I used to love it – after a short period your taste buds don’t crave it anymore. I often crave cheesy or creamy things but not cheese, if that makes sense. I’ll fill you in in more detail when I get back to Melbourne – there is too much to say in this little space!

  2. writingjordi said,

    Thankyou for the info Lisa! I had followed a link to Radical Grocery from your blog, but for some reason thought it was in Sydney rather than Sydney Rd. o_0 Shows how out of it I’ve been lately. It’s a bit out of my usual way, but sounds like it’s worth the trip.

    Hadn’t realised Tofutti’s cream cheese isn’t good for you either – good to know now before I start consuming oodles of it.

    Looking forward to experimenting with nutritional yeast, but still haven’t really had a chance to look for/find it yet. It’s astonishing how overwhelmed I feel by all of this because it’s not part of my usual habits. I find myself floundering and going “Wait! What? What is it? How do I find it? Is it in supermarkets? All supermarkets? Do I need to find a health food store? When am I going to get to one of those?”

    Can’t even remember how or where I found it now (internet overload! Abort! Abort!), but I saved this recipe that will be interesting to try:

    Melty “Cheese”

    1 cup Lotus savoury yeast flakes
    1/3 cup white flour
    3 Tbsp maize cornflour
    1 & 1/2 tsp salt
    2 cups water
    1/4 – 1/2 cup margarine

    Mix dry ingredients in a saucepan
    Gradually add water to create a smooth paste
    Thin with remaining water
    Place over heat and stir constantly until mixture thickens and bubbles
    Let bubble for up to 30 seconds then remove from heat
    Whip in the margarine

    Good on pizza, casseroles, grilled cheese sandwiches, enchiladas or macaroni & cheese.

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