Diary of A Dairy Addict

September 25, 2010 at 1:05 pm (Diary of a Dairy Addict) ()

I had the most traumatic shopping trip of my life yesterday.

You see, a few weeks ago I discovered my belief that dairy cows naturally produce milk all the time, because that’s what dairy cows are, is entirely naïve and incorrect. (And I’ve lived next to a dairy farm!) My discovery of how the dairy industry really works has upset me to the point that I’m contemplating giving up dairy. And I love dairy. I love dairy with a wild joy and reckless abandon.*  I even own a gorgeous brooch that proclaims ‘Just add cheese’. So I’m easing myself into this “dairy free” concept with a 31 day trial – for the month of October, I’m attempting to eat a diet entirely devoid of dairy. If I find this to be reasonably anguish-free, then I intend to evolve into a dairy-avoidant lifestyle.**  If not, well, I guess my conscience and my taste-buds will have to come to some sort of an agreement.

Thus, with heavy-heart, I began the last dairy-laden shopping trip. I nearly cried on the way to the supermarket when I realised I might never eat peppermint ice-cream again. I actually cried when I found myself overwhelmed with choice in the not-milk aisle – soy! Oat! Rice! Tricksy lactose-free, which is not dairy free! Regular! Lite! Extra creamy! Extra vitamins! Extra fibre! Extra calcium! (I eventually settled on the Vitasoy regular soy milk and the Vitasoy oat milk. I have since been (lovingly) chided for not selecting Bonsoy.)

I returned home with some old favourites to bid farewell to:

…and some new additions to get used to:

I am, quite frankly, rather scared. Especially by the soycheese. Over the next few dairy days I’ll be doing some serious googling to find out where and what the best dairy-free cheeses are. With those, some sorbet, some dark chocolate, and some Oreos… it just might be easy.

Any tips and recommendations greatly appreciated.

*Except for milk. Flavoured or used in other things, fine, but the taste of pure milk itself has never appealed to me.
**I might be naïve about some things, but not about the chances of me occasionally crumbling at the sight of camembert, and if someone unknowingly gifts me dairy-laden baked goods I’m not going to throw them back in their face or in the bin.


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